Who we are
The Idea
VetOnLine24 was born out the idea of some veterinarians and professionals, to offer assistance and qualified support for the health of the animals and for the serenity of their owners.
Our Mission

We have decided to unite ourselves by building a real network in which, through the use of this platform, every veterinary surgeon can contribute to achieving the objectives:

- Quality content in all formats, to be consulted when needed to be updated, to meet specific interests of the animal world, to find solutions to problems or doubts about our friends;
- Provide immediate and qualified assistance through online veterinary consultation, with a doctor always ready and available, wherever you are, to give the best suggestions for the health and well-being of your pet.


The “Online Veterinarian” system helps avoid stressful trips and queues at the clinic, for you and your pet.


Only 15 euros for a video consultation/advice.


24/7 connected even at night.


All Vetonline24 veterinarians are registered and experienced doctors: always the best for your pet!

Vetonline24, not just opinions, but advice and professional care.

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct by LGF Srl
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Read the Ministry of Health document on Telemedicine
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Video Guide
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To "meet" qualified veterinary surgeons always reachable at any time, available on any operating system, and to get the best suggestions for the health and well-being of your pet.

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